Don’t Judge Others By Their Looks

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You know, it’s been a two weeks since I made a blog post. All I’ve been able to do lately is nothing but my job and my daily routine made me so tired. But I’ve finally got around to write. So here you go. Hope y’all have a good read.

So I decided to write about the question crosses my mind mostly Why do so many people feel the need to make fun of and judge others? Why must people judge others by what they wear or what they look like?

I wonder why we, as humans, feel the need to judge and degrade others. Who are we to judge how others act, look, dress or who they hang out with?

Always remember, treat others how you want to be treated.

Mentally handing out labels, like ” rich or poor, happy or sad”.

The prettiest smile hide the deepest secret.

You can’t judge me by seeing my picture. If I looks happy or I always smiles doesn’t mean that I am happy from inside and I think giving smile is easier than explaining why you are sad. Also you can’t judge me by my dressing or anything because you don’t know about myself or my life So don’t judge others by their appearance Judging someone on appearance is not OK. Doesn’t matter if its height, weight, skin tone, or anything else. You shouldn’t judge a person by their exterior because you don’t know their story. There are hundreds of reasons someone might be happy or sad and its not under the control of anyone to be happy or sad. So don’t judge a book by its cover, open up the book, learn more, and then make your decision.

Judging others sometimes gives people a sense of prestige because demeaning others can create a false sense of security and identity. When it comes down to it, people are different. No two people are completely alike. If someone has a good dressing doesn’t mean he belongs to rich/upper class family and on other side if someone not wears a good clothes or not shows any things doesn’t mean he is from poor family or middle class family. We need to accept these differences and stop judging people. It is hurtful to them and makes the people ridiculing them look bad.

It goes with the saying: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
Consider a tree for a moment. As beautiful as trees are to look at, we don’t see what goes on underground as they grow roots. Thee must develop deep roots in order to grow strong and produce their beauty. But we don’t see the roots. We just see and enjoy the beauty. In much the same way, what goes on inside of us is like the roots of a tree.

I hear people say things about others all the time without consequences and this encourages them to continue getting their laughs through other peoples’ pain. It’s hard to listen to, but it can be stopped.

All in all, I hope that more people start out with open minds and reduce the amount they talk about, make fun of, and judge others. Once more and more people begin to do this, it will result in a happier life for all.

To those who feel as though community members have labeled them  keep your chin up. Prove them wrong. Most importantly, always stay true to yourself.

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Ramadan, The Most Awaited Month



Ramadan is the month in which Allah Almighty opens His doors of mercy, forgiveness and blessings upon Muslims. This month is anxiously awaited by all the Muslims as they perform the duty of fasting in this month.
Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is the Islamic month of fasting, in which participating Muslims refrain from eating, drinking from dawn until sunset. Fasting is meant to teach the Muslim patience, modesty and spirituality. It is a time for Muslims to fast for the sake of God and to offer more prayer than usual. During Ramadan, Muslims ask forgiveness for past sins, pray for guidance and help in refraining from everyday evils, and try to purify themselves through self-restraint and good deeds.

The month is given great importance by Muslims and Muslims in each part of the world welcome and observe this month with all the reverence, prestige and dedication it deserves. The mosques are filled with people, the recitation of Quran takes place and people become charitable. In this month Muslims make special preparations to ask of forgiveness from Allah Almighty and plead for His blessings and mercy.

Allah Almighty divides the Holy month of Ramadan into three Stages that’s known as Ashra of Ramadan.

  1. First Part Reflects Mercy of Allah (Rehmah)

2. Second Part Reflects Forgiveness of Allah (Maghfirah)

3. Third Part Reflects Safety from the Hell (Nijat)

The Holy Prophet Muhammad said: It (Ramadan) is the month, whose beginning is mercy, its middle, forgiveness and its end, emancipation from the fire (of hell).
No doubt, the month of Ramadan is full of blessings, mercy and forgiveness. It’s the best opportunity for all the Muslims to collect more blessings of Allah and pray for their forgiveness and to be saved from the Hell fire.

In a nutshell it is imperative that a Muslim makes best use of the Holy Month of Ramadan and in addition to asking Allah Almighty for blessings and mercy, a person should also emphasizes on seeking forgiveness from Him as well, which is pivotal to a better life in this world and in the world Hereafter.

May Allah give us strength and patience to fast during the whole month of Ramadan. May he accept all our fasts and help us to continue with good deeds throughout the year.




Salam everyone, Hope you all are doing well. I often think that what is the beauty of a girl? Her good clothes, a pretty face, hair,beautiful eyes, or something else.Then I read a quote that “Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. Its about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and a pretty soul”.

Beautiful girl is who has a distinctive personality, one who can laugh at anything, including themselves, and who is especially kind and caring to others. She is a girl, who above all else, knows the value of having fun, and not taking life too seriously. She is a girl that you can trust and count on to brighten your day. She is a girl who can inexplicably make you feel really good just by being around her, and yet brings such great sadness when she is gone.

Beauty is power

Many girls think that the key to beauty lies in the base of their makeup bag. There are a million and one reasons why women believe this because they’re judged on their appearance, pop culture and mass media support those judgments. The truth is, being beautiful doesn’t come from a lipstick tube, mascara wand, or blush brush. We should not be consider less. Some girls feel sad.Just because somebody said that you are not fair? Or nobody comment on your picture with these words, “beautiful, pretty” etc etc.

If Yes then why?? Do these things matter?I hope you know that these are materialistic things and these won’t last forever. Do you really need those comments and likes to prove your beauty and worth?

Girls you are the most beautiful. Don’t fall for the stupid things. Don’t let these puny things disrupt your mental peace. Your worth is much more than anything. One day you’ll be successful. You’ll shine like the stars. So, don’t waste your time by thinking all these stupid things. You just worked hard, fulfill your dreams and be successful.

Cheer up, you are the most beautiful girl, the world has lot of surprises for you.😊😊😊

Self satisfaction

Salam reader’s…… This is maryam shah and today i am going to write about self satisfaction. According to me self satisfaction is more important than anything in your life if you are mentally satisfy than you might be happy. I am not compare self satisfaction with bigger thing. I only explain my personal point of view. Like how am i satisfy with my clothes, my hijab, my job, my salary etc etc. Good clothes, a lot of photographs,selfies and food is my craze and that’s all in my life which make me happy and satisfy. If you are happy with you than nothing matters what other people thinking about you and you’ll never be happy if you constantly look for what others have. There are some questions in my mind that what is more important in life? Money, Job, love, or happiness and self satisfaction??? screenshot_2019-03-25-13-32-47-611241453926975435887.png Most of the time we make money as the main parameter of success.So, we crave to earn lots and lots of money to feel we are satisfy. The society also play a huge role in this thinking, as we are usually judged by the cars we drive, the house we live in, the clothes we wear. But these are just to get an approval from others. Yes money is important but never ever let money be the soul driving force of your actions.Do things which you like. It is when you move your focus away from money to your craft, you really feel happy and satisfied. I worked in pharmaceutical industry. My job routine is very difficult, sometimes i am very tired with this hectic routine but mentally i am satisfied with my job and loved to work on time and i think when you love your work, you dedicate more attention and energy to what you do, resulting in possible rewards.Satisfaction is not about where you are working, is about how you do the things that you have to do in your work place. My salary is not too much but I’m happy with it and its enough for me and I’m satisfy with this salary. When you do a job with a lower salary but provides you with a strong sense of job satisfaction, you can maintain the same job for years and over the long term, end up earning even more money. Happiness is always related to self satisfaction. I always wears hijab and without hijab I’ll never satisfy although I’ll look much pretty with open hairs, with earrings etc. Realize that what you wear makes a huge difference not to just on how you’re perceived by others, but more important, on how you feel about yourself.When you feel comfortable and confident, you feel happier in general. I’ve come to realize that beauty is what you like on yourself and what makes you happy because inner and outer beauty are both connected. If I feel good, it’s visible on my face and if I look good, it shines through in my personality. My clothes and my hijab make myself happy. Lastly I just want to say that self satisfaction is enough to judge yourself. You are not here to improve or impress anyone. If your soul knows you are right then God is always there to help you. Do you agree or disagree with me??? Thanks for visiting and hope you are stopping by to stay a bit logner and don’t forget to click the follow button    

Birth Anniversary Of Imam Ali(a.s)💞

Salam everyone….

First of all congratulations to all of you on the birth anniversary of Imam Ali(a.s). I want to write this blog in the honor of Imam Ali(a.s) because i belongs to the family of
Ahl al-Bayt (Allahmdullillah) and Hazrat Ali(a.s) is my first Imam and i have a stong faith on Imam Ali because whenever i am in any problem/trouble i always says “Ya Ali(a.s) Madad” and my problem is automatically solved out.

WHO IS ALI(a.s)?

Name: Ali
Title: Asadullah (Lion of God); Haider (Brave-hearted), Abu Turab (Father of Dust), Amir al-Mu’minin (Commander of the Faithful)
Father: Abu Talib (Peace be upon him)
Mother: Fatimah bint Asad
Born: 13th Rajab, inside the Holy Kabah in Makkah
Died: 21st Ramadan, after being struck on the head with a sword by the Kharijite, Ibn Muljam.


The birth (Wiladat) of Imam Ali bin Abi Taleb (a.s) took place under unique circumstances inside the Holy Kaaba at Makkah on the 13th of Rajab. It is considered unique because no prophet or saint has ever been born in a Holy sanctuary. Fatima bint Asad, the expectant mother of Imam Ali bin Abi Taleb (a.s) was praying outside the Holy Kaaba when she suddenly felt the labor pains and prayed to Allah (SWT) saying “O Allah! I believe in You and in the messengers and the scriptures You have sent. I believe in what has been said by my grandfather, Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) who built the ancient house (Holy Kaaba). So, for the sake of the builder of this House, and for the sake of the child in my womb, I implore You to make my labor easy.” Just then the wall of the Holy sanctuary opened miraculously. As she stepped in, the wall closed behind her. For a period of three days, she remained in this holy sanctuary, only coming out after the birth of her son, Imam Ali bin Abi Taleb (a.s).


Prophet Muhammad said, “I am leaving with you two weighty things. As long as you hold onto them both, you will never go astray”.

Someone from the crowd then called out, “…O Messenger of God, what are the two weighty things?”

Prophet Muhammad then stated, “The Book of God (the Qur’an) a connection between God and you, so hold onto it; and the other is my family (Ahl al-Bayt)… Indeed, (God,) the All-Attentive, the All-Aware, has told me that these two will not separate until they reach me at the pond (in heaven)…”

The Messenger of God then took the hand of ‘Ali, raised it for everyone to see, and declared three times, “…So for whomever I am the Leader, ‘Ali is the Leader.”


I have looked at the some sermons from Nahjul Balagha and have tried to extract some important points, which we can apply to our lives.

There is a time for everything…don’t run before you can walk

“Prosperous is one who rises with wings (i.e. when he has power) or else remains peaceful and others enjoy ease…One who plucks fruits before ripening is like one who cultivated in another’s field.”

Not getting the promotion you wanted/ getting the job you’ve applied for? When the time is right, with Allah (s.w.t.) by your side everything will work out. Conversely some people complain they aren’t getting anywhere but aren’t putting in the effort themselves! Be patient…but prudent. If you see an opportunity at school or university to enter into a competition or conference take it! New course running at work? Broaden your horizons and network with others, be pro-active on your own and Allah (s.w.t.) will open doors for you that you never knew existed.

Don’t judge others

“He sits amongst people as a judge responsible for solving whatever is confusing to the others…He is ignorant, wandering astray in ignorance and riding on carriages aimlessly moving in darkness.”

Go into university/ work with a relaxed mind, try and say that you will concentrate on yourself from now on and take from others, that which will benefit you, rather than disregarding what they say due to your judgment of them.

Try and remain positive

“It is a pity that after all the ups and downs (I have been through). By Allah the son of Abu Talib is more familiar with death than an infant with the breast of its mother. I have hidden knowledge, if I disclose it you will start trembling like ropes in deep wells.

No matter what the day throws at you or what you’ve been through, try and remember the plight of Imam Ali (a.s.) and the rest of the Ahl ul Bayt, take strength from their resilience in times of hardships. Try and do your best to make every day better than the last

Thanks for your time😊
Greetings be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings …. JAZAKALLAH😇

Life is beautiful

Self Love,Self-Growth

Salam everyone…..

As i already mentioned in my profile that Mano Say’s “Life is beautiful and live it in your own way”. Yes there was hard as well as good time comes in our life but i think we forgot that hard or sad time by enjoying and feeling good time with our family, friends and also it depends upon us. If you decided to live your life in your way thus nobody change you life.

First of all i am telling about my self that i am a short girl with wheatish complexion beautiful smile, little bit attitude and somehow rude. My life is almost full of fun,happiness,crazy friends,memorable moments and much more but there’s also another side of picture which was sometimes sad, frustrated, negative feelings and disappointment. I love my one thing that i always think positive about every aspect of life and i believe in these words that “Allah has better plans for us” and at time we may think everything is going wrong yet we don’t realize that Allah is setting everything right.

Live a life where happiness is a precondition.

Self Love

Self love is basic thing for your beautiful life. You can’t truly love another until you know how to love yourself.You should not have to change for other people to like you, but if they do try to change you, trust me, they’re not worth your time. Love yourself, enjoy your own company and never think about others.

Self Growth

Life is also growth. Its not only how’s we look physically but we also need to grow spiritually. As you get older you find out that true happiness is not in how much you make or how much big your house, cars or how many degrees you have.Its finding peace and joy and calmness in your life and that become the most important thing to you.

Stop hating yourself and everything you aren’t and start loving yourself for everything you already have because life is beautiful and say ALLAHMDULLILLAH FOR EVERYTHING😇😇

Decide for yourself that it’s time to amaze yourself with how beautiful your life can be. Because there’s no harm, but pleasure in treating everyday of your life like a celebration.

Do you agree with me?

P.S Images are mine😊😊

Thanks for visiting and hope you are stopping by to stay a bit logner.

Why I Choose Hijab?

Hijab is my crown

Hijab is my own choice.I am not wearing hijab by social or social weight or being constrained by anybody. I think young ladies looks progressively lovely when they wearing hijab.

Hijab isn’t about the out-dated or religious traditionalist

Wearing hijab is an individual and free choice that originates from a genuine longing to satisfy God while valuing the wisdom basic His direction. Numerous individuals wrongly trust that ladies are compelled to wear the hijab.This concept is not based on Islamic teachings as God says in the Quran, “Let there be no compulsion in religion” (2:256). 

Hijab is an Arabic world. It truly implies segment or boundary.In Islam, in any case, it has more extensive importance than anybody can might believe. This isn’t just covering the body with garments yet in addition the conduct, way and, along these lines, considered as the guideline of modesty.There are two sections in the Quran in which Almighty Allah discusses the issue of fairness and hijab as characterized before.

In Chapter 24 known as an-Nur (the Light), in verse 30.

قُلْ لِلْمُؤْمِنِيْنَ يَغُضُّوْا مِنْ أَبْصَارِهِمْ وَ يَحْفَظُوْا فُرُوْجَهُمْ, ذَلِكَ أَزْكَى لَهُمْ.

Say to the believing men that: they should cast down their glances and guard their private parts (by being chaste). This is better for them.”

This is a direction to Muslim men that they they should not lustfully look at women (other than their own wives).

In Chapter 33 known as al-Ahzab, verse 59.

يَا أَيُّهَا النَّبِيُّ, قُلْ لأَزْوَاجِكَ وَ بَنَاتِكَ وَ نِسآءِ الْمُؤْمِنِيْنَ: يُدْنِيْنَ عَلَيْهِنَّ مِنْ جَلاَبِيْبِهِنَّ…

O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves
of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.”

A woman who wears hijab liberates herself from the vain and selfish desire to show off her beauty and to compete with other women around her.
This is an innate desire that is exacerbated by wanton display and tamed by modesty and covering. With the hijab, a woman does not have to live up to society’s expectations of what is desirable, and she no longer has to use her beauty to obtain recognition or acceptance from those around her.

Therefore, one of the elements of hijab is to shield ladies from mistreatment and harm. This especially incorporates different types of sexual abuse and irritation, which are common in social orders in which couple of ladies spread. Men frequently get blended flags and trust that ladies need their advances by the manner in which they uncover their bodies. The hijab, unexpectedly, sends a flag to men that the wearer is an ordinary and modest lady who should not be irritated.

My First Blog

Salam everyone

This is maryam Shah. Basically I am a Pharmacist by profession and I love my profession but i want something new in my life so I have decided to make a blog to share my personal ideas about hijab photography and lifestyle.

So welcome me on wordpress😊😊

I am writing my very first blog and i am totally blank because i don,t know how to start my first blog.

Let me know what would you expecting me on my blog and appreciate my blog. I’ll write my next blog soon…


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